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Birthdate:May 23
Location:New Zealand

Although I've had this account on LJ for some time now, I only use it for commenting on other people's journals and don't make entries of my own. Apparently the internet turns me into a lurker :P

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abortion rights, adam lambert/kris allen, alice/dana, alternative, anti-classism, anti-conservative, anti-discrimination, anti-heterosexism, anti-homophobia, anti-male-privilege, anti-privilege, anti-racism, anti-rape, anti-republican, anti-sexism, anti-white-privilege, apples to apples, art, asexuality, battlestar galactica, benson/stabler, bisexualism, board games, broccoli, brown eyes, carmen martín gaite, chris meloni, clubbing, crazy hair colours, csi, cuentos de hadas, dance, dead like me, diet coke citra, diet coke with lemon, diet coke with lime, diet coke zero, disco pigs, dragonstea din tei, dreams, dyke, dykes, elliot/olivia, equal rights, equality, fandom, fanfiction, female heroes, female sexuality, feminism, feminist, fiction, firefly, french, gabriela mistral, gay rights, genderfuck tuxedosex, genderfucked pilots, genderqueer, genderqueers, getting drunk, grammar, hating george w. bush, hating things, homosexuality, hot pilotsex, house, house m.d., house/cameron, human rights, incestuous otps, irony, j-pop, jamie bamber, japanese, jenny/marina, jim/pam, k-pop, kara thrace, kara/lee, karina lombard, katee sackhoff, katie bamboff, kradam, law & order svu, lee adama, les miserables, lesbianism, lindsay lohan, logan echolls, logan/veronica, madonna, mal/inara, marilyn manson, mariska hargitay, me without you, musicals, nyc, pansexuality, parmesan cheese, partying, pedantry, pleasure, pleasure activism, politics, pop, pro-choice, queer, queer as folk uk, queer rights, queerness, queers, rain, remixes, reproductive rights, rights, river/simon, rock, rpf, rps, sandwiches, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, shannon/boone, shoes, smut, social justice, spanish, spin the bottle, spring awakening; britney spears, starbuck/apollo omg, storms, stuart/vince, sunbathing, survivor, teh gayness, the god of small things, the l word, the office, trance, transgender, transsexuality, tuna, veronica mars, women's studies, working out
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